Trying to Learn a New Trick

I feel pretty much like a vehicle stuck in a field of mud, and mud in every direction.  I remember my father trying to dig out the Ford Falcon from the mud.  Early memory, maybe four or five.  I have a vision of him finding a sign on a post, an he pulling it out of the ground and using it to create a layer of traction under the tires.  This is around the time when the song on the radio was something about smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo – “now don’t tell me… I’ve nothing to do.”

Oh yeah, the new trick?  Figuring out how to use WordPress to build a website.  It took me half a day just to get access to the dashboard.  Now I got some text on the site.  Next is to figure out how to get some graphics up; then widgets; then media, and maybe a song like Flowers On The Wall – “now don’t tell me… I’ve nothing to do.”

About salmonmouth

After doing many things (retail, college, carpentry, non-profit, energy efficiency), I'm now focusing on my favorite - music. I've composed, performed, directed and produced. Time to publish and distribute; and hopefully make a decent income.

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