Song Talk

Not gonna think about it too much.  Just wanna reflect on Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues.  Why?  Cause it’s playing right now.

Always liked it (that’s why it’s on my playlist, of course).  Two very tasteful guitars; the acoustic riff that underlies the verses, and the slide that adds flourishes.  Subtle drums and keys give this tune a relaxing feel.

Though the lyrics are dark, the “laid-back” vocal style kind of lets us off the hook.  More likely, the presentation is supposed to reflect a resignation to the need for self-medicating in the face of harsh reality.  Hmmm…  I’d be depressed if the dang song didn’t sound so soothing.

Another One Off The Cuff

Just want to get another post out there before the site dies of starvation.  I’ve been researching website design and optimization, but have yet to achieve a level of competence.  Still planning to have some media here someday.

Trying to Learn a New Trick

I feel pretty much like a vehicle stuck in a field of mud, and mud in every direction.  I remember my father trying to dig out the Ford Falcon from the mud.  Early memory, maybe four or five.  I have a vision of him finding a sign on a post, an he pulling it out of the ground and using it to create a layer of traction under the tires.  This is around the time when the song on the radio was something about smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo – “now don’t tell me… I’ve nothing to do.”

Oh yeah, the new trick?  Figuring out how to use WordPress to build a website.  It took me half a day just to get access to the dashboard.  Now I got some text on the site.  Next is to figure out how to get some graphics up; then widgets; then media, and maybe a song like Flowers On The Wall – “now don’t tell me… I’ve nothing to do.”